“Fly like an eagle”


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Vuela como un aguila,….una vision-idea de los efectos que produce mi propia condicion, sin animo de ofender, me parece que la palabra-idea libertad esta prostituida en muchos paises que se empenan en crear un escenario de libertad eterna o absoluta. La libertad me parece mas una levedad que solo se da en algunos fragmentos de tiempo, por lo menos en mi vida.

Dar Inmensas gracias a:

Ian Wilson por sus risas y por invitarme ,a Rapahel por su hospitalidad y buena onda, a Enric por su buena musica jibara, a Erika, a Sara ,al resto de los artistas y organizadores por su grata compania y a los Rochesterianos.

Mural realizado en Rochester(NY) para WALL THERAPY, las fotos son de Martha Cooper, esta hecho todo con acrilico y pincel en el transcurso de 4 dias. Muchas Gracias.

Fly like an eagle, …. a vision-idea of the effects produced by my own condition, no offense, I think that the word-idea freedom is prostituted in many countries that are determined to create a scenary of eternal freedom or absolute. Freedom seems more a lightness that only occurs in some fragments of time, at least in my life.

Give Huge thanks to:

Ian Wilson for their laughter and for inviting me to Raphael for their hospitality and good vibes, Enric jíbaro music for good, Erika, Sarah, the rest of the artists and organizers for their pleasant company and Rochesterians.

Mural done in Rochester (NY) for WALL THERAPY, photos by Martha Cooper, is done with acrylic and brush in the course of 4 days.Thanks very much.


2 comentarios sobre ““Fly like an eagle”

  1. Excuse my English.

    Excellent mural!

    Symbols are traps for ideas. The eagle is also the zodiac sign Scorpio. In my mind the eagle is as free as ever.

    On the seal of the USA the eagle grasps 13 olive branches with its right talons and 13 arrows with those on the left. One dexterous and sinister nation under g-d (27) manipulating reality through the use of peace/gold/freedom and war/steel/power.

    In my opinion the dove bearing a single olive branch is more symbolic of universal peace and freedom. Columbia hasn’t been taken hostage it’s been stung by scorpions, hacked to shreds by eagles and devoured by rats hiding behind eyes in the sky.

    My two cents, keep the penny my thoughts are still free


    He clasps the crag with crooked hands;
    Close to the sun in lonely lands,
    Ringed with the azure world, he stands.

    The wrinkled sea beneath him crawls;
    He watches from his mountain walls,
    And like a thunderbolt he falls.

    by Alfred Lord Tennyson

    Me gusta


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